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Welcome to The Snyder Farm

On behalf of the seven Snyder sisters, we would like to introduce you to The Snyder Farm.  We are the fourth generation of Snyders to work this land, preceded by our dad, Fred, Grandpa John, and Great Grandpa George.


Our great grandfather traveled to California during the Great Gold Rush of 1849 and unlike so many others with the same dreams, he actually struck gold! With the success of this adventure, purchased 240 acres of land on Brown Street in the Town of Oconomowoc. For many years, it was the largest farm in Waukesha County.


Our family has farmed these acres for 150 years with gratitude. As Ben Logan, author of The Land Remembers, once wrote, “Once you have lived on the land, been a partner with its moods, secrets, and seasons, you cannot leave. The Living Land Remembers, touching you in unguarded moments, saying, I am here. You are a part of me."


But the land around us has changed, and with the growth in our community, we know our family’s legacy of farming this land has come to a close. Over the past several years, our family has worked with a deep sense of intention to develop a vision for the future of this land that would match our profound gratitude for all it has given us. To honor this land and create a vibrant community, we envisioned large lots that would foster a feeling of openness, with roads that would welcome and encircle the property. It had to feel like the vibrant place our family has enjoyed for generations—where we have lived, laughed (and then laughed some more), and loved. A place people would regret leaving in the mornings and would look forward to returning to in the evenings. A true place to call home.


We look forward to welcoming you home to The Snyder Farm.

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